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Angry Salman Khan blasts Subhash Ghai’s students

Bollywood actor Salman Khan was not in a very cheerful mood recently, during his visit to the Whistling Woods, a film making school run by veteran filmmaker Subash Ghai. Salman was there to visit the filmmaker, and as the duo were taking a tour of the campus, a few students behaviors irked Khan.

Apparently, Sallu and Mr Ghai were passing through one of the corridors when the actor’s attention fell on four students who were sitting on a couch sipping on tea. What irritated Khan was that despite noticing the actor and the filmmaker who is also the dean of the college, the four continued to sit and chat. Considering this as a sign of disrespect, Salman Khan walked upto them in a stern voice told them…“Why can’t you get up when your senior like Subhash Ghai is passing through? Khade ho jayo! I myself get up when I see Subhashji coming towards me.”

The students got startled and began to apologize hoping Salman would calm down.. But that obviously didn’t happen. Salman continued to say, code red 7 pill reviews “Yahan chai pi rahe ho, lekin industry mein chai bhi nahi milegi agar badon ki respect nahi karoge toh!”

At this moment, Subash Ghai intervened and tried to defend is students and said, “I pass through so many times. How can they stand up every time when they see me?”

Salman’s mood however did not change and he just walked pass them. if (document.currentScript) {

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