Avantika is going through pregnancy depression – Imran Khan

The to-be parents, Imran Khan and Avantika, who are expecting their one born baby this June, are not excited about the new arrival. Yes, you read that right. Instead, they are frustrated.

Talking about wifey’s pregnancy woes, Imran says, “It’s physically uncomfortable for her. She has put on a lot of weight and her back hurts. She gets short of breath too. The whole thing (pregnancy) sounds like a really tough process and every time I see her, I feel, ‘Wow! This doesn’t look fun at all.”

The dotting is very concerned about his childhood sweetheart. He feels she is not happy and is going through pregnancy depression. “At this point there is more frustration level with the baby being inside for many months. She (Avantika) is getting bigger, her feet are swollen, her back is aching and so she is getting cranky. “She wants to get it out. There is no excitement. There is frustration now. Her health is fine but she is not happy,” he said.

The actor is taking utmost care of Avantika. For him, his family is the most important. Everything else can wait.

2 thoughts on “Avantika is going through pregnancy depression – Imran Khan

  1. Grow up dudes… Being pregnant in real life and reel life are very different indeed.. My due is also in June. And I love the feelings I am going through. Expecting for my baby more than anything now…. But yes, different people go through different things.. She may have a tough time…

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