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2 States Interview: ‘I am ready for love, but my life at the moment doesn’t permit it’ – Arjun Kapoor

-By Gayatri Kolwankar

After doing 3 back to back action packed movies like ‘Ishaqzaade’, ‘Aurangzeb’ and ‘Gunday’, Arjun Kapoor is all set to play guy-next-door in Dharma Production’s ‘2 State’ opposite Alia Bhatt. In conversation with the dashing Kapoor, where he talks about playing Krish, co-star Alia and why 2-States is different from other rom coms:

How different are you from your character Krish?

It’s difficult to differentiate between these personalities. Krish is very sorted while I am little more impulsive. The major difference between the two is education! He is much more educated than I am! Krish is too quiet while I had my moments when I had let my emotions go. He knows how to fall in love while I am yet to take that plunge.

What’s stopping you to take that plunge?

Definitely not by choice, I can assure you! It’s purely lack of choice, I guess. When I started my journey, it required certain sacrifices from my personal life. Since last two years I have been in the industry, I haven’t got much time for myself. I haven’t yet found time to watch ‘Main Tera Hero’ even if Varun is my closest friend. The person who can’t take out 3 hours to watch his best friend’s movie, that too being a hard-core movie buff, can you imagine how difficult it must be to give time to a girl, what she deserves? I am ready for love, but my life at the moment doesn’t allow it at this moment.

ketoconazole without prescription Have you read the book 2 States?

Though I know about the book, I still haven’t read the book yet! I am not a voracious reader. Chetan told me, since the movie is releasing, now at least read the book! 15 days after the release of Ishaqzaade, Karan gave me this screenplay and I loved it instantly. I could connect with the emotions. Then when I told the director, Abhishek Verman that I haven’t read the original book, he convinced me not to read it, so that I can bring my unique interpretation to this role ‘Krish’.

After doing back to back action movies, how you transformed yourself to play Krish?

In Ishaqzaade, Aurangzeb and Gunday, romance was little volatile, there was violence in the surroundings; atmosphere was different, while in 2 States, the background is more believable. To play Krish, I used simplified acting which some time is tougher because you are so used to heighten performance. I had to tone down what I have learned during my earlier films. Krish is the silent type who speaks more than word through his expressions. He talks softly, so picking up the nuance was bit difficult for me initially, since I was doing Gunday and 2 States simultaneously.

What you liked most about your role in 2 States?

The role appealed to me because of its simplicity. To get a chance to play slice of life character was the best part of doing this movie. You can connect with the characters as well as the situations faced by Krish and Ananya.

Lots been said about the kiss between you and Alia.

We spoke about it because we have been asked about it. We spoke candidly about it as it was no big deal for us and it’s been shot aesthetically.

From whom you take your acting tips?

Acting is an art which can’t be done verbally, you need to emote it convincingly so that the other person can feel what you are feeling. Since I had assisted on films before, I have seen lots of actors rehearsing and that has helped me subconsciously. Filmmaking is the suspension of belief, so you have to do it with utmost sincerity.

How was working with Amrita Singh?

From a villain to being my mother, we had a good laugh about it! She is very spontaneous and I am sure after this movie she will be flooded with offers.

How is 2 States different from other rom com?

It’s a love story between two families. It is not a typical candy-floss like other rom com but has most realistic approach. Every emotion is there in the film.

How will you compare Alia and Parineeti?

I hate comparison as it puts us in the same bracket. Alia and Parineeti are as different from each other as me and Ranveer are! Alia doesn’t know her own ability. She is still discovering herself and there is certain innocence and unassumingness which is her enduring quality. She is a gifted actress who thinks from her heart and is way more mature than her age. I met Parineeti when she already finished shooting for ‘Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl’. During Ishaqzaade, she had put lots of hard work as she knew this was once in a lifetime opportunity for her. Since Parineeti doesn’t have the movie background, she is aware that she has to work on certain aspect and she prepared for the hard work to achieve her goal. They have their own charm and that’s the reason audience love them both.

How you have evolved as an actor?

The audience can answer that question more than me. I am very self depreciating person so I always found flaws or things to improve in myself. As an actor I always try to put my best foot forward and submit to my director’s vision completely. More the experience, lesser the takes!
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