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In pictures, Avantika and Imran Khan celebrate their baby shower

Bollywood actor Imran Khan and his pretty wife Avantika, who are expecting their first baby in June, celebrated their baby shower among friends and close relatives.

Seen among the guests were mamu jaan Aamir Khan with wife Kiran Rao and baby Aazad, Aamir’s ex wife Reena and daughter Ira and brother Faisal Khan, with mom Zeenat Hussain.

The super excited to-be dad, Imran Khan is all set for the big day and is busy preparing himself to get into the role of a father. He recently said, brand zoloft without prescription “Right now I am doing my rehearsals and preparations to get into the part. We are doing some intensive workshops. I am working with my ‘producer’ Avantika.”

Apparently, the actor has piled up a stack of baby books and is going through each one of them. He finds the whole process fun and not stressful.

Imran has also decided to take time off from films once the baby is born, and experience fatherhood. He was quoted as saying: “Films will come and go, your child, your son or daughter’s childhood… that is going to happen only once. Take six months off. Picture agley saal banate hai. What is the rush?”

Catch all the pictures of Avantika and Imran Khan as they celebrate their baby shower.

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