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8 unknown facts about Sunny Leone

Bollywood is getting hotter and how! With actress Sunny Leone entering the film industry, one expects nothing but fireworks on-screen. Here are Top 8 unknown facts about Sunny Leone.

We bet you didn’t know this one. The Indo-Canadian and American actress, Sunny Leone’s real name is Karenjit Kaur Vohra.

Before stepping into Bollywood, this hot babe was a porn star. She joined the adult film industry at an early age of 19. Interestingly, acting was never on her mind. She dreamed of becoming a pediatrician and in fact also studies to become one.

This one sure to surprise you. Sunny Leone is bisexual. The beauty reportedly discovered her bisexuality at age 18. But despite being attracted to both the sexes, Sunny prefers men mostly.

Sunny apparently received thousands of hate mails from the Indian community in the US, when she decided to enter the Bollywood industry.

Before becoming a known face in the porn industry, Sunny worked at a German bakery, a Jiffy Lube, and later at a tax and retirement firm.

Did you know, Sunny Leone has directed 42 adult films and starred in 41 films.

Sunny fears insects and bugs. She is basically Entomophobia.

Not many know that Ms Leone was offered a cameo role in the film Kalyug… and guess what? Sunny demanded a whooping sum of $1 Million as fee. Director Mohit Suri rejected her outright and retreated.

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