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Sunny Leone is madly in love with her husband… Look what she did!

Bollywood actress Sunny Leone, who is basking in the success of Ragini MMS 2, recently had a lovey dovey date night with her husband Daniel Weber.

The actress tweeted about her nigh along with a pic. She said: “I am completely and madly in love with Daniel Weber.” “Date night with Daniel Weber. Yummy food!!”

Sunny seems smitten by her darling hubby. Even at a recent interview, Ms Leone couldn’t stop gushing about him. She quipped: “We usually have a nice conversation about what exactly is going on. What the boundaries are on his mind and my mind. We are a normal couple that has conversations; we don’t argue about anything. We both are in the business of entertainment; hence there is a level of professionalism that one needs to uphold”.

“If you have an onscreen kiss with another actor, you need to see it as work. Of course, when you are doing it, you’ve to emote that, but as soon as director calls cut, there is no emotion there because it’s strictly professional. Daniel and I work as a team and we ensure that a lot of communication takes place between us”, she added.

Apparently, Daniel is extremely possessive about his wife, so much that he expects Sunny’s shoot schedule to reach him a day in advance so that he can adjust his time accordingly.

Meanwhile, Sunny Leone is in US right now, celebrating her box office success.

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