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Randeep Hooda wants ex-girlfriend Neetu Chandra back in his life

Looks like the Highway hero is missing his ex girlfriend… so much that he now plans to get back to her.

We are talking about Randeep Hooda and his ex girlfriend Neetu Chandra. The love birds may have parted ways a few years ago but if buzz is to be believed, Randeep and Neetu are still in contact with each other. So often do they talk that chances are, they may reconcile very soon.

According to a source, “Randeep and Neetu have been in touch with each other even after their break up and Randeep now wants her to be back in his life. They had some issues which forced them to break up but now they continued to talk to each other.”

So what made them split, in the first place?

Well, Randeep and Neetu were not in a happy relationship. Both were occupied with loads of work and neither of them had time for the other. Distance was one of the major reasons which drew them apart.

But now, the duo are in a much sorted place. Says a source: “Now Randeep has again started talking to Neetu frequently and it seems he wants her back in his life” .

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