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Hrehaan reunites Hrithik and Sussanne

Every time they decide to keep their distance from one another, something or the other draws them together. And this time it’s their son who reunites them. We are talking about Hrithik and Sussanne and how their little son Hrehaan reunited the separated couple recently.

Hrithik and Sussanne were recently spotted together at their son Hrehaan’s themed birthday bash.

As per a guest at the party, “It was an adventure theme party with an adventure park named after Hrehaan. Sussanne was the perfect hostess and had planned everything down to the minutest details. Hrithik was also there. It was obvious that the couple had agreed to keep their differences aside for the children.”

The source added, “the party was held on the gardens at Sussanne’s rented apartment in Versowa. The guests were a select few but it was nice to see Sussanne and Hrithik playing the gracious and warm hosts as they used to earlier as a couple. This is the first time in months that they were seen together. Hrithik was to come for her event launch in December last year but he didn’t.” similar paxil

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