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Alia Bhatt had a very troublesome childhood because of her father

She is always giggling and looks very content in life. But did you know, the happy-go-lucky Alia Bhatt is not a very happy girl in real life. She has had a troubled childhood, and the reason for it is her dad, Mahesh Bhatt, who married twice.

In a recent interview, Alia opened up about her childhood and the dark side of it, and how her dad’s double marriage affected her and her family as a whole. Her classmates apparently made fun of the little girl because her father had two wives.

“People used to make fun of me in school because my father had two wives. But for some reason, I wasn’t embarrassed as he used to stay with me. Perhaps, if he had not been living with me, it would have affected me in a different way,” said Alia.

So disconnected were the Bhatt family that despite staying in the same house, none of the members used to talk to each other.
“We are not a normal family. After a very long time we have gotten close as a family. We never used to sit and eat together. In fact, we never used to talk to each other. But I have changed things now and made a group which has me, my sister, my mom and my father. Now, I love this group,”she said.

Well, we are glad Alia has managed to bring her family close. We only wish the actress loads of love and happiness.
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