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Kissing scenes in 2 States becomes the butt of jokes on Twitter

The kissing scenes in 2 States, a movie based on Chetan Bhagat’s best selling book, has garnered much talks and grabbed many eyeballs. But guess who’s the latest to be talking about it?

Well, the author of the book 2 States, Chetan Bhagat recently found himself in a tough spot after his toddler quizzed him about Arjun Kapoor-Alia Bhatt’s kissing scene in 2 States.

Chetan Bhagat recently posted on Twitter, “Dad, why are you kissing mom so much in the 2 States movie ads? #wheretohide #whattosay” and he also added, “Sab tumhari (Alia) galti hai.” Alia Bhatt in reply posted, “We’re following the book sir.” Continuing the funny tweet, Bhagat replied, “Wah, so innocent! Kuch zyaada hi dil se kar rahe ho. Likhe hum, karo tum…wah wah…kya insaaf hai.”

The movie 2 States is scheduled to release on April 18.

Meanwhile, the chemistry shared between Alia and Arjun is sizzling hot and has hence raised brows about the relationship they share off screen. While the duo have always denied having an affair, Alia actions speak otherwise.

The young actress recently posted a selfie of the duo which saw a beautiful comfort level between the two.

She posted the pic saying, “Trying to take a selfie during Arjun’s interview ! #2states #18thApril.”

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