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Salman Khan wants to finance a sports movie

Superstar Salman Khan, who was present at the unveiling of the music of an upcoming sports movie, Khwaabb, says that he’s tempted to produce a movie inspired by a sport.

He says, ”I would like to produce a film based on sports. I have played almost all kinds of sports. I have done swimming, have played football. I even used to play cricket.”

He also said that sports should be encouraged in the nation and he would love to do his bit.

The movie Khwaabb is directed by Zaid Ali Khan, showcases the life of two athletes and focuses on their struggles, ambitions and aspirations.

Salman Khan feels that due to lack of encouragement and resources, sportsperson don’t deliver the best and we should help them in anyway that we can. He says “When you will watch such films (like Khwaabb), you will realise that there are no facilities as such, no facilities for training (for the sportspersons) and if there won’t be any facility, how will our sportspersons will perform better?”

He further adds, “And when they (sportspersons) do not perform in Olympics and such other sports or do not win a medal, then we criticise them and say ‘You didn’t win even a single medal’. There is food problem, people are not getting jobs…there is no encouragement,”
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