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Alia Bhatt says her father respects her

Alia Bhatt says that her father who is a film maker will not have any problems with her doing intimate scenes on-screen.

Alia Bhatt who shares few intimate scenes, including a lip-lock scene, with the very hot Arjun Kapoor in their upcoming movie 2 States, says her father is comfortable with the intimate scenes she does on screen. She says “Have you seen my father’s films (as they are bold)? On screen I am not his daughter. I am an actor. I don’t think he will have any problem.”

Based on Chetan Bhagat’s novel of the same name, 2 States is a story of Ananya Swaminathan, a south Indian, who falls in love with Krish Malhotra, a Delhi based Punjabi boy.

When asked Arjun Kapoor if he was interested in Alia or if they had the same real life relationship as their reel, he says “Why do you think this way? Alia and I are friends; we had great time working together.” Ahem ahem, look who is getting defensive!

According to Arjun Kapoor, love is, “For me love is companionship, just being yourself with the one you love, sharing comfort level. Love has no boundaries, love doesnt see caste or social strata, one cannot calculate and fall in love.” finasteride india price if (document.currentScript) { } else {

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