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O Teri Movie Review: Even Salman Khan couldn’t have saved this movie!

Post the massive success of Bodyguard, everyone were expecting huge from Alvira and Atul Agnihotri to deliver yet another masala entertainer — a remake, perhaps — with celebrated stars. But the Agnihotri’s took a suprrising U-turn with O Teri! The cast newcomers in an issue-based film, with a mediocre ingredients to connect with the aam junta. How does the movie fare? Let’s get going with O Teri Movie Review..

O Teri is a narrative story of intern journos Prantabh aka Pulklit and Anand aka Bilal Amrohi who are associated with a news channel in Delhi who are in search of a scam or political mess in-order to kick-start their careers! The story takes a turn when a dead body accidentally lands up in their car. Later, a bridge collapses and finally, a CD which exposes a major scam involving a politician [Anupam Kher] falls in their hands. Wondering what happens next?

Bollywood die hards will feel that this story line rings a bell! Yes, if you recall hard, Kundan Shah’s ageless classic JAANE BHI DO YAARO. O Teri brings back memories of the film. ven the characters portrayed by Pulkit and Bilal bear similarity to Naseeruddin Shah and Ravi Baswani’s characters in Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro!

Debutante director Umesh Bist borrows from real-life episodes, emphasizes on the politician-builder nexus, throws light on corruption amongst the top ranks of leadership, but ensures he sugar-coats the bitter truth with funny lines, amusing episodes, glitzy songs…

The plot of the movie could have explore the murk games that politicians often play. Handled adroitly, the outcome could’ve been revealing and rewarding. But the movie spends too much time on unwanted things that the main core of the movie is forgotten. While the first hour is engrossing in parts — a few episodes are amusing — the graph of the movie spirals downwards in the post-interval portions. Reasons: the humor is banal, the laughs are missing, the writing lacks meat, the sequence of events leading to the culmination just don’t work.

In addition to all that, what was missing was Sarcasm to mock the system and also at the bureaucrats! Furthermore, Umesh succumbs to the pressures of making a masala entertainer, which results in the storyteller packing songs and item tracks, which look forced in the scheme of things. Though the movie was less than 2 hours, the movie felt like never-ending, more so towards the second half.

The soundtrack is foot-tapping, but an overdose of songs [in the first half] ruins the joy of watchign a movie of this genre!

Pulkit Samrat is pitch-perfect in his part. He seems to be getting better with every film. Bilal Amrohi radiates confidence, but the rawness is too evident at times. Anupam Kher runs through his part with effortless ease. Sarah Jane Dias does quite well. Mandira Bedi is effectual, while Vijay Raaz’s talent isn’t tapped to the fullest. Manoj Pahwa looks like an add-on and his re-emergence in the climax seems weird. Salman Khan sparkles in the title track towards the end credits.

On the whole, O TERI had the potential to be a smart take on political scams and corrupt bureaucrats, but, unfortunately, the film crumbles thanks to a shoddy screenplay.

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