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Dishkiyaoon Movie Review – Not worth wasting the weekend!

Dishkiyaoon Movie Review

Rating: 2/5

Harman Baweja’s comeback film is a slick action flick that has actors who can’t act. It stars Harman Baweja, Sunny Deol, Ayesha Khanna and Prashanth Narayanan whose over-action is beyond human capabilities.

The director Sanamjit Singh Talwar tried to bring back the essence that the gangster films of the 2000s had but failed miserably with this film. We think he had a dream that he was possessed by Ram Gopal Varma’s soul, which time travelled from the future, and he ended up making this film after the dream.

The film follows the story of Viki (Harman Baweja), who narrates how he got into the world of gangsters and how badly he wants to get to the top and become the don (or some such). Bhai Harman, we seriously hope you try other professions. Like Uday Chopra, who is venturing into production.

The screenplay, written by the director, is dreadful and it is very difficult staying awake.

Even if one is a hardcore Sunny Deol fan, this film is abominable. Enough said.

Overall Verdict: Dishkiyaoon is a film not worth wasting the weekend fun budget on. College kids! Perfect for bunking!

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