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Atul Agnihotri: Salman Khan is a very selfless man

Salman Khan’s brother in law Atul Agnihotri, who is now making the film O Teri, says Salman is a very selfless man. Now that is something everyone knows about the Bhai- he helps out newcomers a lot; he runs a charity organisation Being Human and what not. Atul strongly feels and says that Salman is the one who actually contributes so much while everybody else just speaks.

Says Atul, “Salman is very honest to life. He is quite selfless as a person. I have hardly seen him spending time for himself. Charity is the ultimate cause for him. With Salman things are always in association with others-for others. I, personally, have never seen Salman bhai perusing a career for himself. He will never do anything for the ego, the stature, the stardom or the money. The reasons are always bigger than him.”

“I think its Salman’s ability to being who he is in spite of this huge success he’s been that compels you to think about the man he is,” Atul further added.

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