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When Anushka Sharma recommended Shahrukh Khan to Anurag Kashyap

Anushka Sharma read one of Anurag Kashyap’s scripts and decided that Shahrukh Khan would be best for the role and recommended him to the director.

“She has developed a great working equation with Kashyap since they started working on their film, Bombay Velvet. When she heard about his new script, she thought that Shahrukh was perfect to play the lead in the film. That’s why she organised a meeting between the two,” says a source.

There were rumors that SRK will play the lead in Anurag’s ambitious project Alvin Kalicharan but that is not true; he will be acting in a different film.

“Shahrukh and Anurag will soon work together on a film, but it is definitely not the Alvin Kalicharan project. It’s a fresh script altogether that Anurag has written. Both Anurag and King Khan are working on the script and fine-tuning it,” added the source.

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