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A Broken Marriage: Karisma Kapoor & Sanjay Kapur

In a family where women preferred staying home and taking care of the house, Karisma Kapoor decided to do the unusual. She was the first lady of the great ‘Kapoor’ Khandaan to step out of her house and step into the film industry.

She began her career in the year 1991. She was an established actress in Bollywood when she found love. At least, that is what she thought. She was engaged to Abhishek Bachchan in 2002 but they parted ways in the year 2003.

Months after their split, Karisma Kapoor tied the knot to businessman Sanjay Kapur. Sanjay Kapur was married to a designer when he met Karisma. He divorced his first wife to marry Karisma Kapoor. They got hitched in they year 2003 and had their first baby girl Samaira in the year 2005.

Everything was going rosy until one day when Karisma woke up to find out that her husband was cheating on her. All hell broke loose and Karisma decided to walk out of the house with Samaira and Kiaan, her son born in 2010. Apparently, it was Sanjay’s extra marital affair with a socialite that caused the two to split up.

Their nine year long marriage ended in 2013 when they finally got their divorce. They had been living separately for 7 years. While Sanjay was in Delhi, Karisma moved to her mother’s place along with her two kids.

Karisma and Sanjay tried hard to make their marriage work for the sake of their children only to realize that they were just incompatible. Karisma says her kids are her first priority and she believes in giving them a regular childhood although being a single mom.

Post divorce the two have moved on in life. While Sanjay Kapur’s life is non of Bollywood’s business, this sexy momma has started getting back to what she does best- acting! Also, if rumours are to be believed, she is seeing someone outside the industry. We just hope history doesn’t repeat itself.

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