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Sushmita Sen smoking in real life: Sad but true!

Sushmita Sen smoking! Is it really possible? Well, we will find out but first let us talk about her achievements.

Sushmita Sen has the world at her feet. This former beauty queen is not just a pretty face but also an social activist. Sushmita Sen was Miss Universe in 1994 and ever since her journey in the glamour industry began. She is one of the most dignified and revered woman in this industry. She has made bold choices and always stood by them.

There are a number of bold and courageous things that Miss Sen has done. For instance, she adopted a baby girl 10 years ago names Reene and bought her up single handedly. As soon as the law permitted adopting of more than one child of the same sex Suhsmita Sen adopted her second daughter Alisha. Now this requires guts and Sushmita had truck loads of it. But with all the goodness comes its flaws.

We have witnessed a number of actresses smoking on screen for various scenes but there are many mainstream actresses who smoke in real life too. While they smoke on screen and get done with it, many actresses are addicted to sutta and have failed to quit smoking in real life.

One of them in none other than our Bong beauty Sushmita Sen. The former Miss Universe is addicted to her pack of cigarettes. Sushmita Sen has time and again been found smoking in public and seems totally unapologetic about it. The actress says she has chosen this life style and would quit if she feels she should.

Well, this Bong beauty has been trying to quit smoking for a long time now. We hope she is successful before it has some drastic effect on her health!


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