When senior officers brawl for Kareena Kapoor Khan…

When Kareena Kapoor Khan performed at the prestigious Asian American Hotel Owners Association’s (AAHOA) Annual Convention and Trade Show in Philadelphia, two officers brawled to be by her side! This kind of drama is something that happens every single time a Bollywood celebrity is invited to perform in the United States.

While the details are not known yet at this stage; the fist fight between the two senior office bearers was over issue of who gets to be her arm candy for the perfect frame; during a promotional photoshoot. We hope Bebo wasn’t emotionally hurt by the incident!

We hope such publicity gets her some more movie offers atleast!

One thought on “When senior officers brawl for Kareena Kapoor Khan…

  1. I knew she was there on 19 march 2014 for Trade Show in Philadelphia
    I thought may be at least a hello on the phone, but never mind this world is a stage, it is a difficult to find who is an honest and true player of on this stage.

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