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Who was Ranveer Singh locked up in a room with for three days?

A birdie tells us that Ranveer Singh was locked in a hotel room for three days. He didn’t come out even once in those three days. Now before you start wondering if the hunky actor was getting ‘action’ for those three days; let us tell you this. He was absolutely alone in the room.

Apparently, the Gunday star had locked himself up in a hotel room for three days when his alleged girlfriend from the past, Anushka Sharma had dumped him.

Reportedly, he was so depressed that he went out of town, checked into a hotel and didn’t come out for three days. “He moped around for weeks. He might behave like he is mad but when he is committed, he really gives it all to the relationships but these days it seems the actor – at least the ones he dates – doesn’t seem to know the meaning of the word forever,” says a source close to him.

Ranveer is sentimental??? Unbelievable!} else {

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