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Why did Anushka Sharma arrange a meeting between Kashyap and SRK?

Did you know that Anushka Sharma had arranged a meeting of the two most prominent personalities from the world of Bollywood. One of them is a huge superstar who influenced the whole country and other one is a filmmaker who re-defined the narrative patterns of Bollywood cinema.

We are talking about Anurah Kashyap and Shahrukh Khan’s meeting which was arranged by Anushka Sharma at SRK’s London residence. It is no news that Anushka grew fond of Anurag’s directorial prowess and is highly impressed by his writing after they collaborated in Bombay Velvet for the first time.

A source close to both of them says, “Anushka has developed a great rapport with Kashyap since they started working on their film, Bombay Velvet. When she heard about his new script, she thought that SRK was perfect to play the lead in the film. That’s why she organised a meeting between the two.

It is also being said that the script is not the rehash of lwyn Kalicharan, as rumoured earlier, written by Anurag Kashyap long ago for Anil Kapoor. The film was shelved because Anil Kapoor was not confident enough to take up the project.

Well, we can say one thing for sure; Anushka and Anurag have become friends with benifits off late! 😉

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