An angry Bollywood actor throws water on director’s face

Starry tantrums in tinsel town are not a new thing. When the outrageous demands of Bollywood’s elite stars aren’t met… eerrr… well, you know they can literally bring down the sky. Their nakhras are not limited to silver screen alone. While we have seen and heard about several stars spitting airs all around them, this latest ones is simply cheap and hideous.

Apparently, a certain A-lister has finally shown his unprofessional side now. The actor, who is presently in Bangkok shooting for a romantic drama is said to have misbehaved with his assistant directors. Not just that. He is also rumored to have manhandled the props as well.

Taking tantrums to a whole new level, this actor apparently was served with a drink, and on realizing the content in the glass was not right, he splashed it on the assistant directors face. Still in the angry mode, the actor, on discovering that a certain bag was not according to his fancy, flung the bag on the floor.

This is really shocking and definitely not an A list actor’s etiquette…..

2 thoughts on “An angry Bollywood actor throws water on director’s face

  1. somebody should put a dunda in this A-listers wife. Or maybe the assistant director should put his dunda in the wife of the star. Shahrukh it is , no?

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