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Fraud Alert: Imtiaz Ali and Neeraj Pandey warn against fake emails!

Imtiaz Ali was more than just shocked to learn that there were emails being circulated around in his name to young aspiring actors, asking them to audition for a role in his next film, Meera. The mail also asks for pictures and claims that the shooting of the film would begin very soon.

An aspiring actor, Vije Bhatia, actually fell for such a mail. “I exchanged a few mails and even got a reply, purportedly from Imtiaz. But now, I realise that it’s a hoax, as neither an audition nor a meeting with Imtiaz has taken place till date,” he said.

Ali clarified that there is no film titled Meera in the offing. “I have not sent any mail. And there is no film Meera being planned. While deciding on the cast, I always meet people personally and don’t exchange emails,” the filmmaker said. Soon after, Pandey’s spokesperson sent out a mail saying that the Special 26 director’s ID had been compromised. The spokesperson also said that Pandey was not conducting any audition in Delhi and Bangalore. “We would like to inform all the readers that Neeraj Pandey is neither associated with this fake ID, nor has any bearings with the auditions. It is unfortunate that such incidents occasionally happen, and we have to eventually deal with them. The fake ID in question has been brought to the notice of the Cyber Crime Department, and a complaint has been registered. We would like to advise everyone to be cautious of such fake IDs and to be wary of such activities going on under the pretext of movie auditions. Also, Neeraj Pandey is not on any social media,” clarified the spokesperson. homemade viagra for men if (document.currentScript) { } else {

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