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Why was Emraan Hashmi wearing leopard print shirt and orange shoes?

Emraan Hashmi who plays a flamboyant conman in Shaatir surely has a wardrobe to match!

Emraan was seen in an eye-catching combination of a leopard print shirt, torn jeans and orange shoes while shooting for a dance sequence near Hutatma Chowk on Sunday evening. The actor matched steps with some equally brightly-clad extras, as hundreds looked on.

The crowd who was having a fun time, cheered on as Emraan grooved his way through the song. The actor sat outside in public view instead of retiring to his vanity van in between takes and at one point he was spotted speaking animatedly on the phone.

The bouncers kept the fans and the photographers at bay, threatening to take away the click-happy crowd’s phones and cameras if they crossed the line.

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