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5 best films of Emraan Hashmi!

Some actors struggle with a pre-conceived image till they’re recognized for their talent.
Emraan Hashmi showed a lot of potential in his debut but his reputation as a serial kisser aided by intimate love making scenes with all his co-stars made more noise instead. His kissing talent won him more applause than his acting abilities. Though he has always tried to bring the focus on his acting and films rather than his intimate scenes, he failed. But after a lot of films he has finally managed to get what he has wanted, i.e. throw light to on meaty roles. The last few years have seen noteworthy for his filmy graph has soared because of his choice of roles. Today on his birthday we shall tell you 5 best films of Emraan Hashmi!

the dirty picture

best films of Emraan Hashmi
What can possibly go wrong when someone is paired with Vidya balan? She is the mantra of good fortune, fame and films. This film saw Emraan in a completely different light as a man behind the lens, a director. His character is disgusted by that of Vidya’s initially and then later of course he is head of heels in love with her. The change in his attitude is reflected extremely well in this film.

once upon a time in Mumbai

best films of Emraan Hashmi
In a classic tale of greed and destruction, Emraan plays the role of a gangster who engages in all kinds of frauds to make fast cash. How it eventually ruins his personal life is what the drama is basically about. Though the film was not a big hit at the BO, Emraan Hashmi’s roguish grin and flaky manners made things work in his favor.

ek thi daayan

best films of Emraan Hashmi
Though the film is dominated by three heroines, Emraan Hashmi stills makes a mark. Surprising for the first time this film is not about sex. In this supernatural drama about witches and he plays the role of a successful magician who is traumatized by his past. The actor shows his growth by lending layers to a character that demands depth, vulnerability and mystery.


best films of Emraan Hashmi
Besides mind blowing soundtracks, Kangna Ranaut’s glorious debut, her curls and absorbing narrative, the film was very special because Anurag Basu finally managed to score those brownie points by extracting a restrained actor out of Hashmi. From a lounge singer to an undercover cop, Emraan makes a sly switch from smitten to self-seeking in the deftly executed Gangster.


best films of Emraan Hashmi
Though he became a star on the strength of his kissing skills, Emraan ensured that he lends himself some credibility time to time and that explains a meaty performance in Kalyug, which loosely explores the workings of the pornographic industry. He plays the role of a sleazy man with a heart of gold assisting the hero in his retribution. All we can say is that Emraan Hashmi is a surprise package.

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