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Bollywood Actresses Who Got Pregnant Before Marriage

Go towards the North Pole and this may seem so casual there- getting pregnant before marriage. But in India, marriage is considered a holy institution and the above is just not an option.

While celebs in Hollywood consider it no big deal to get pregnant before marriage, our Bollywood babes don’t agree. Or do they? While some refuse to accept it, others walk around boldly confessing and confirming their pregnancy before marriage.

Well, over the past few years there have been so many Bollywood actresses who have been in live-in relationships and then been married either after childbirth or while carrying. Here are some Bollywood actresses who got pregnant before marriage.


sridevi preg
Some interesting gossip- apparently, Mithun Chakrobarthy refused to divorce his first wife for Sridevi, whom he was in a relationship with. She was seven months pregnant when she married actor Boney Kapoor as his second wife. Uh, I am also trying to figure out who’s baby that was! Well, at least she had the courage to boldly accept her pregnancy before getting hitched.


konkona SEN-pregnant-divya
This pretty Bengali bomb suddenly, out of the blue, decided to marry her long term boyfriend Ranvir Shorey in September 2010. What followed was a series of OMG! HOW! WHEN! WHAT! OOOHH! AAAH! when she was seen around with a baby bump. Yes yes, we know what you were up to Konkona!


Sarika preg
She was in a relationship with actor Kamal Hassan and gave birth to the gorgeous Shruti Hasaan. So what is news, you ask me? Ah, well I forgot to tell you that Kamal Hassan was married to his first wife while the former was expecting his baby. Oopssss!!


Amrita arora pregnant
The not-so-famous Amrita Arora got hitched in the year 2009 and gave birth to a baby boy in 2010. She got married in a very silent affair and everything happened at the speed of light. Too obvious that she too was expecting a baby before her nikaah although she denies it.


Mahima Chaudhary-Ariana Chaudhary
Mahima Chaudhary married her boyfriend Bobby Mukherjee and soon announced that she was expecting her first baby. Firstly, no one even know when this pretty woman tied the knot. Secondly, she announced her pregnancy a little too soon for people to know she was carrying before marriage.


She was married in the July 2011. Her twins were born in March 2012. She married her long time boyfriend who has absolutely no connections whatsoever with Bollywood. And, she blatantly denied reports of having being pregnant before marriage. Umm..not sure if I’m going to buy that!!


veena malik (2) preg
Everybody, say hello to the queen of controversies. The latest controversy added to her kitty is that Veena Malik was pregnant with her ex-boyfriend’s baby! While this is not something confirmed yet, we are just bringing you rumours that is doing the rounds. d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

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