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PICS: Izabelle Leite and Virat Kholi dated for two years

Izabelle Leite, the stunner who made her Bollywood debut with Raj Purohit’s Sixteen, is back in the news. Just recently, we had spotted a mystery woman with Sidharth Malhotra at a restaurant in Mumbai. Well, she was none other than the very pretty Izabelle.

The young actress recently admitted that, that night she was out with Sid at the restaurant and that he is just her friend and nothing more than that. “Sidharth Malhotra is a friend. Yes, we hang out together. And that night(March 6) when we went for dinner I wasn’t expecting all those photographers outside. I’m not used to all this, and I forget the fact he’s famous here”. pacific care pharmacy vanuatu

The Brazilian beauty was frazzled by the pictures that were in the papers the next morning. She went on to add, “I’m not used to the paparazzi . This kind of attention over my male friends has happened to me three times already. And I feel so embarrassed. I’m not the kind of girl who wants to be seen and heard everywhere unless it’s about my work.”

Meanwhile, not many know that Izabelle has dated cricketer Virat Kholi in the past. Yes, you read that right. The two were in a relationship for almost 2 years.

Admitting to have dated Virat Kohli, she said, “Virat was one of the first Indian friends I had when I came to India. We were dating for quite a while. ..We were together for almost two years. But we didn’t want to make it public. So yeah, Virat and I did have a relationship.”

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