Bollywood actress installs camera inside husband’s office to spy on him

Yes peeps, you read that right. Frustrated with his philandering ways, a popular Bollywood actress installs camera inside her director husband’s office as she suspects him of cheating on her.

Apparently, the actress feels her husband is hungry for a certain actress’ attention and hence she has started to feel insecure. As per a report in a popular tabloid, this filmmaker, who has launched several newcomers in the industry, recently, has suddenly stared focusing on this one-film old actress and is trying all ways to grab her attention. But this newbie is playing hard to get.

This news has somehow reached the wife’s ears and ever since then she is not at peace, always keeping a tag on her hubby, and hence the only solution she could think of is – spying on him by installing hidden cameras in his office cabin.

Well, if this wasn’t enough, there’s more…. Recently, when the director was shooting at an exotic location in India, the wife decided to tag along and stay there throughout the shoot. Hmmm.

Not sure if the director is aware of his wife’s suspicion, though.

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