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Kangana Ranaut: The heroine in shinning armor!

She is fearless! She is not afraid of being the side kick or playing an out and out negative role. She brings everyone’s focus on her talent on not on her assets like most of them.
She is a one man army. Kangana Ranaut is a lady with a golden heart and an iron fist.

When Kangana made her debut in Gangster, not many people took notice of her. Maybe it is because of the fact that she doesn’t fit the bill in a conventional manner. She is wacky and begs to differ. She is not someone whom you’ll find running between trees and romancing heroes. She is the hero of every film that she is a part of. There is something very startling about her, something that is not seen in the rest of the breed.

She chooses off beat films, or maybe those are the only ones that come her way. She adds a zing to every character that she portrays. Queen for example, her latest film which is a huge block buster saw her play a typical small town girl. She carried off the role so well as if it were her second skin. Her accent, demure, personality and everything blends with the character so well that you wouldn’t see Kangana Ranaut any more on screen, but only the character.

Then again, she has done something like Fashion where she played the role of a troubled super model. Her walk, attitude and looks were just killer. Her portrayal of Shonali won her much appreciation.

The best part about Kangs is that she displays immense variety! You see her as an antagonist in one film and the you’ll see her as the protagonist in another or even as a side kick!

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