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Indian pornstar Shanti Dynamite: Sunny Leone copied my concept in Baby Doll!

A porn-star who was one of the first Indian Pornstar Shanti Dynamite who has been eagerly waiting for a big break in Bollywood has alleged that the former porn-star turned Bollywood actress Sunny Leone has copied her poster for the song ‘Babydoll’ in Sunny’s upcoming movie Ragini MMS 2.

Many people told me that Sunny Leone copied my concept for her song ‘Babydoll’. When I saw it, I was totally shocked,” said the Indian-Greek origin adult star.

She further added, “It was very upsetting for me because one should not copy someone else’s concept just to gain popularity.

Shanti who presently works at an adult chat show for UK Television said that ‘Babydoll’ poster used for the movie Ragini MMS 2 is a replica of something already done by her. “I had done that picture sometime ago and now the same concept is being used by some one else openly,” asserted Shanti.

The UK based adult star, Shanti Dynamite is very often compared to erstwhile Canadian porn diva Sunny Leone who is currently busy in promoting her upcoming horror movie Ragini MMS 2 which is scheduled to release on March 21.

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