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Asin is in news for her philanthropic work in Kerala!

Bollywood babe Asin, who has proved her metel with many 100 crore blockbusters, is in news for her philanthropic works for quite sometime. Asin received an honour from the Government of Kerala as a recognition for her activities in that direction.

A source close to Asin says, “For more than five years now, Asin has been funding the education of many girls from Kerala and she has given her word to the orphanage that she will provide all the financial support to ensure that those young girls complete their studies. Asin wants to support them in every possible way and even visits them whenever possible.

She was even made the face of the tate’s women empowerment programme. A person close to Asin reveals, “Asin doesn’t discuss her social work openly as she doesn’t want people to think of it as a publicity stunt.

Asin, in an interview emphasized the need of reaching out to under privileged children, especially girls. She added, “I have worked closely with these children and I know that if given the right opportunity, women can educate themselves and know what is wrong or right for them. education is a basic right and women should not be deprived of that.

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