When Salman Khan took Jacqueline Fernandez for a ride

Bollywood superstar, Salman Khan was recently spotted, dressed casually in a red tee and denim, riding a modified bike-cum-car with the gorgeous Jacqueline Fernandez as a pillion, at Rajpath in Delhi on Sunday, March 16.

This was a part of director Sajid Nadiadwala’s film Kick. It is said that the filmmaker got this specially modified vehicle which looks like a buggy. And while everyone on the sets thought it would take a while for Salman Khan to get a hang of this 3-wheel ride, it’s was just the opposite for him.

And as the actor zoomed around the streets in his unique gaadi, onlookers were left awestruck and amazed.

‘Kick’ is a remake of the 2009 Telugu film ‘Kick’ starring Jacqueline Fernandez as the love interest of both Salman Khan and Randeep Hooda. ‘Kick’ is slated for the Eid release in July.

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