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Sunny Leone: Dating Russell Peters was a mistake

Though Sunny Leone dating Russell Peters might seem improbably; it was probably the obvious choice for the two when they dated each other. The two are Indians, brought up in Canada; Russell and Sunny both had a huge fan following and they ended up together. But now, Sunny says she thinks dating him was a mistake.

“You know, we were friends for such a long time and sometimes if you are friends for so long you think you can end up together. So we dated each other for some time, but I think that was a mistake I mean it spoils a lot of things,” says the 32 year old ex-pornstar who is married to Daniel Webber.

“If I met him now, I will probably hug him and ask him about his family. He is a nice guy,” added the actress who will be seen next in the upcoming erotic horror film Ragini MMS 2.



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  1. Raju

    March 19, 2014 at 1:33 pm

    Why is the original author not credited for the quotes mister writer?

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