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Shahrukh Khan’s Yeh Hai Bakrapur trailer is breaking YouTube records!

Shahrukh Khan’s much hyped trailer release of Yeh Hai Bakrapur a hilarious satire, has managed to break the 1 million viewers barrier in just a span of two weeks. One doesn’t simply call SRK the King of Bollywood. Whatever King Khan does, the fans simply love it. The release of the trailer of this movie reaching more than a million is also one among that.

Director Janaki Vishwanathan says, “1 Million views for the Yeh Hai Bakrapur trailer, is a landmark number for us. This is huge. We have always been sure of our film, but that it would reach this number, and that too, so soon, is just overwhelming. Shahrukh has surely been special for us.” Fans have simply loved the trailer of the movie and have been expressing their enthusiasm and eagerness to watch the film, on the digital platform.

Of the numerous comments the trailer received, few caught our eyes like “looks interesting” to “Oscar Award winning movie”. With it’s unique story line and relatable characters, the trailer has struck the right chord among-st the audience. The movie revolves around the Qureshi family and their pet goat, set against the rural political background of the village of Bakrapur. The goat named Shahrukh, around whom the lives of the residents of Bakrapur revolve in the film, has garnered much interest and applause.

Shahrukh Khan’s Yeh Hai Bakrapur promises to take viewers thorugh a laugh riot, roller coaster journey of twists and turns. his film is written and directed by Janaki Vishwanathan, known for her National Award winning film, Kutty in Tamil, and produced by Ramesh Sriivatsava Aruunachalam, Yeh Hai Bakrapur is slated for release on 25th April, 2014.

Still didn’t catch up with a trailer? Watch it below!

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