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British Journalist to play an ‘extra’ in Salman Khan’s Kick!

The bureau chief of an internationally renowned financial newspaper playing a tiny role in a commercial masala Bollywood film is unheard of. But the fact that it is Salman Khan’s Kick, anything is possible.

Film-maker Sajid Nadiadwala, who is making his directorial debut with the Salman Khan’s Kick, was desperately looking for someone to play the part of a British diplomat for the film. “They wanted a guy who didn’t only look the part, but also could convincingly pull off the lines. They couldn’t find anyone who fit the part until Chetan Bhagat, who’s written the script, came up with an idea,” said a source close to the film’s production.

“Mr. Bhagat suggested the name of his friend James Crabtree, the Mumbai bureau chief of the London-based newspaper Financial Times. And James who is a Bollywood fan, instantly agreed to come on board,” the source informed.

When contacted, James said “Of course I want to be in a Bollywood film but I was hoping there would be no song and dance because I can’t do either!”

When asked if he would take up any more Bollywood assignments, he laughed and said “Well, yes. Friends have been calling up to say that I should quit journalism and become the next Tom Alter.”

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