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Vidya Balan promoting IIFA! Wohoo!!

You know celebrations are in order and IIFA is just around the corner when celebrities go around the globe to promote it.

This time we have the ever gracious and elegant Vidya Balan promoting IIFA in various parts of America.

Checkered Queen

Vidya Balan
I love it when she wears sarees. Like totally. You know Vidya Balan is going to get the best dressed award when she turns up in a saree. That being said, she should limit herself to the plain ol’ saree. Experimenting to a bit is fine, but I’m not really sure if I like this black and white checkered Satya Paul saree. It looks great at the first glance but then you take another look. You notice that orange to the extent of being neon thing and you lose it. Why Vidya? But I guess the 70’s updo and the cat eyed make up saved her.

greek goddess

Vidya Balan
Now this is what I LIKE. Agreed that she’s experimenting again but it looks good this time. Wearing a Payal Khandwala design, Vidya Balan looked gorgeous. I love her hair style and those long earrings by Amrapali were to die for. I also like her brown make up. It matches her outfit. Those cuffed sleeves are a bit out of place but we are willing to ignore them!

floral pincess

Vidya Balan
My my! Sonal Kalra Ahuja outdid herself with this creation. I have a thing for floral prints and I also like pastels so you can imagine my excitment when Vidya Balan shows up in this saree. No other words to describe my happiness. 10 points for Vidya and Sonal!

nailing abstract

Vidya Balan
Nope. Won’t do. These loose tunics are just not her. Wearing a white Masaba tunic Vidya looked really happy but somebody will have to burst that little bubble of hers. Face up, she looked absolutely breathtaking. Her make up, her hairstyle, her earrings and that lovely smile. But the tunic and those heels were quite frankly terrible. What do you guys think?

Pretty in Pink

Vidya Balan
There are few ladies in Bollywood who look so beautiful and so pretty. Like I cannot define their beauty. Foe example, Shabana Azmi and Tabu. No, they don’t look pretty in everything and anything but in those long 6 yards. Getting added to the list officially is Vidya Balan. In a beautiful pink and yellow saree by Sonal Kalra Ahuja Vidya looked like she was ready to rule the world. Agree>

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