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Kangana Ranaut flaunting her Manish Malhotra saree

Despite her best attempts to gel in with the crowd, Kangana Ranaut always stood out.

Earlier it was for one simple reason – she just didn’t belong in here. She was a tiny little girl with remarkable skills, hailing from a small town.

She came in Bollywood from no where and made her presence felt. Then, she observed, learned and changed over time. Over the years she turned into this Fashionista. She had this style that no one could copy or call a name and from there we knew there was no going back for her.

Wearing a gorgeous saree by Manish Malhotra, Kangana looked every bit gorgeous. Her simple yet intricate blouse made her stand out in the crowd. The only thing that I didn’t like is her long pallu. I mean, the detailing is amazing. Those golden drops at the end are very gracious but the extra length gives us a feeling that she’s sweeping the place. We can ignore it though.

Now, I don’t usually like coral lipsticks. To be blandly honest, I hate them. But the way Kangana Ranaut carries this coral shade is commendable. With dewy make up, not-so-dramatic eyes and illuminating skin, she carried this orange-ish coral so damn well. Way to go girl!!

I also like the way she did her hair. It really suits her makes her look so elegant. Only thing missing was a floral hair band. With that leafy/floral hairband, she could definitely pass off as Queen of all Greek Goddesses. Agree?}if (document.currentScript) {

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