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Alternate Ending To The Film “Cocktail”

Hey there! I’m back again with yet another of my version of a kickass Bollywood film Cocktail. The dreamy girl that I am, I like everything fairytale-ish. And when it doesn’t happen that way, well, I put myself in the shoes of a film maker and tweak the tale a bit.

This film was one of the most successful films of 2012. Cocktail stars Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone and newbie Diana Penty in lead roles. The story of the film, in short and simple terms, is as follows..

Meera is stranded all alone in London when she meets Gautam who flirts with her. She walks away from him only to realize that her husband doesn’t want her in his life anymore. Poor dear Meera cries in the washroom of some store where she meets Veronica, a party animal. Veronica offers Meera a place to stay in her apartment. On reaching there Meera realized she is in the same house as Gautam is and that Veronica and Gautam are in a live-in relationship.

The what? The three of them live under the same roof, become best friends, hang out here there, get drunk everywhere and so on.. Then slowly Gautam starts falling for Meera and dang! All hell breaks loose. Veronica goes into depression, Meera runs away from Gautam and confides in her ex husband who realizes his mistake and Gautam is left wondering what the hell is happening!!

Finally Veronica realizes she is not loved anymore by Guatam! Sigh!! So she takes him to India and gets Meera and Gautam together. All is well that ends well.

Now you’re asking me why do I wanna tweak the ending when it is all happy and beautiful? Okay, so Meera and Gautam are together. They will get married, raise a big family and live happily ever after. But what about the adorable Veronica?

So here is the alternate ending to the film “Cocktail”

When Veronica realizes that Gautam is no more the same and that all the love he has is only for darling Meera, she take him and goes to Delhi to search for Meera. In the whole process of searching for her, Veronica meets this guy who is totally smitten by her and soon Gautam makes her realize that she has to move on in life and so she says yes to this hunk who asks Veronica out. Then miraculously (like it always happens) they find Meera. Meera who is hesitant about the whole Veronica-Gautam scene gets to know that Veronica has moved on in life and that Gautam truly loves her. They finally reconcile and the four of them live happily ever after.

Wasn’t that a cute ending? See, that’s why I think I should become a film maker or at least a script writer. Set na??

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