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5 super hot Bollywood actress in backless gown!

The lower it is, the hotter it gets. Don’t think too much peeps, we are talking about backless gowns. Our Bollywood divas sure know how to flaunt interesting back cuts that are to die for. So today we will tell you 5 Bollywood actress in backless gown that makes our eyes pop and jaws drop!

shraddha kapoor

shraddha kapoor in backless gown
Sweet and simple!
The sweet and simple Shraddha Kapoor goes for a stringy back with her gown. It’s delicate and suits her personality considering she is as fragile as a doll. We are glad she didn’t apply any bronzer for creating a shiny impact or it would be an over-doze.

deepika padukone

deepika padukone  in backless gown
Intriguing, eh?
First a standing ovation to this lady who got the trend of sexy backless gown back in Bollywood in full swing. Deepika’s back leaves a lot to the imagination in spite of going so low in this hot sea blue number. Now here’s an exceptional way to flaunt your back.

sonam kapoor

sonam kapoor in backless gown
Some trends never go out of fashion and one such trend is the conventional deep-U back. This works wonders in emerald hues or even the classic black. And that’s why Sonam Kapoor’s royal blue gown looks striking on her peaches and cream complexion. There’s that hide and seek with her black slit too.

priyanka chopra

priyanka chopra in backless gown
Priyanka Chopra goes the edgy way in this hot leather creation. She does full justice to her geometrical back by sweeping her hair in soft curls in the front. For a back as fit as hers, this avatar is the perfect choice. PC sure knows how to be wacky and sexy!

kangana ranaut

priyanka chopra kangana ranaut in backless gown
This plain pale pink dress hugs Kangana Ranaut in all the right places and makes her look so fit. In case you’re someone who is confident of carrying of a neat deep back, we’d say this one is for you baby! if (document.currentScript) {

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  1. krishna

    August 21, 2014 at 12:11 am

    At the time Shraddha Kapoor is Hot

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