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A broken marriage: Chitrangada Singh and Jyothi Randhawa

There are certain unwritten rules that sting hard on anyone who wants to make it big in this glamorous field. You cannot be married, especially if you are an actress. As annoying as it sounds, that true it is. Another important point is that you cannot be a mother and a star at the same time.

Breaking each and every rule was the dusky beauty Chitrangda Singh. This dusky dazzler threw caution in the air and did what many actresses have been trying for years and have given up, that is, handling motherhood, marriage and movies together. She was multi-tasking with utmost ease. She never let anyone know about the pain and stress she was going through. When she came out in the public, she was the Chitrangada Singh that everyone wanted to see. Beautiful, sexy and all smiles.

Lil did we know that she was camouflaging many scars beneath that perfect smile! Beyond her drop-dead gorgeous looks and her scintillating performances, nothing is known about Chitrangda’s life, or rather her wrecking personal life.

Chitrangada made her debut with Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi which was a commercial and critical hit. The success seemed to have come as a surprise to Chitrangada Singh and Jyothi Randhawa, her husband who is one of India’s leading golfers. While the world was waiting for another powerful performance from her, she decided to abandon the limelight in favor of her personal life.

She took a sabbatical for the next three years. There were many speculations over why she decided to quit films which ranged anywhere from her husband’s disapproval to family pressure. But Chitrangda being a dignified women chose not to indulge in any clarification that would only add fuel to the fire.

It was after she delivered her baby boy Zorawar that she finally decided to return to the world of films. Stepping back into the limelight meant she would have to juggle multiple responsibilities – that of a wife, a mother and an actress. She did it all with grace but soon things started falling out of place.

Shuttling between Mumbai where her cinema career lies and Gurgaon where her family is was a tough task. When rumors of her troubled marriage started popping up, she dismissed them saying, “All relationships need to be worked on. I am not willing to sacrifice my personal life for cinema neither my acting for my personal life. It may put pressure on me, but I want it all. Just like any working woman, life is demanding for me too, but I am willing to take the efforts.”

Her efforts were failing and a separation was on it’s way. The couple, whose marital differences have been circulating in the media for a long time arrived at a family court in Gurgaon alongside a few family relatives, police officials and respective lawyers. It seems the duo did not want the matter to go public.

So alas! Bollywood dream puts an end to 12 years of marital bliss for this duo!

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