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The dark side of Manisha Koirala!

Life in Bollywood is not all glamorous as it appears on the surface. In fact it is quite contrasting to it’s image. To escape harsh reality many people from the film industry find solace with alcohol and drugs. Yet another B-town celeb who had massive problems with addiction was actress Manisha Koirala who was one of the leading actresses through the 90’s. Though she delivered hits after hits, sadly she too succumbed to the pressure of this industry and was constantly in the limelight for her smoking, drinking and drug abuse problems which also led to her downfall.

The wrinkles and double chin that appear on her face, clearly show what the drug abuse did to her body. The unkempt hair and the cellulite that keeps accumulating with every passing day was an effect of all those years of heavy alcoholism. Known for her smoking and alcohol addiction, this superstar also has had a series of failed relationships courtesy her habits.

Many say that the reason for her broken marriage with Samrat Dahal her husband for 2 years was her addiction to alcohol and drugs. Post her divorce, Manisha was diagnosed with cancer, ovarian cancer. She went through intense medication and high dosage of medicines. After many sessions of chemotherapy she successfully fought cancer. Post her cancer crusade the new Manish has erupted who is positive and a lot more healthier!

She has toned down her act and even turned into anti-drugs campaigner with fellow actor Sanjay Dutt and spoke out about the dangers of drug use. We hope and pray she is over her addiction!

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  1. Archana

    March 3, 2015 at 5:46 pm

    I am happy to know that one of my favourite actresses is out of danger and hope that she must have realised the fact that drug abuse and alcohol addiction will only be abyss….. the fatal fall of life. Hope she would pupsh these campaigns out to reach those who are still into this vicious circle of life.

    Hats off.. Manisha… God bless and Jiyo JEE bHAR KE…. lOVE YOU lots…

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