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Top 5 OMG moments of Alia Bhatt!

Alia Bhatt is all but 20 years and 2 films old in this industry but talks like a grandma when it comes to cinema! Maybe films run in her blood, but you’ve got to admit that her confidence and maturity for her age is tremendous. No one in Bollywood has shown as much contrast as she has shown with just two films. SOTY saw her all dolled up while Highway exploited her acting bacteria like no one else has. She has truly grown from just a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. But through this journey she has had some awkward moments. Today we will tell you 5 biggest OMG moments of Alia Bhatt!

blonde moment

alia bhatt
Alia belongs to gen X so we expected her to be up to date with all current affirs in genral and of course smart but this young lady we tell you! When she was asked on karan Johar’s chat show Koffee With Karan who is the President of India is, she said Prithvi Raj Chuahan instead of Pranab Mukherjee. Yessss, she actually said that. She later said that she got confused because both their names start with P! Seriously Alia this is too much!

fashion faux-pas

levitra_kaufen_osterreich alia bhatt
Okay so Alia Bhatt turns up well dressed most of the time and has a great sense of fashion, but it can’t be bright and sunny all the time na? So there was this one time that Alia walked the ramp for a well known designer and what shouldn’t have happened, happened. Her extra fat was bulging from every nook and corner of the dress and of course there was a huge fuss about Alia going pantyless and blah blah blah. Poor Alia baby got caught in this mess and a huge mockery was made out of it.

alia will be my future wife

alia bhatt
KKR proclaimed on twitter that Alia Bhatt is his future wife and Mahesh Bhatt is his future father in law. Incidentally KRK will be seen next in the upcoming Vishesh Films’ movie Villain; which is being produced by Mahesh Bhatt and directed by Mohit Suri, who is Alia’s cousin.His twitter mania didn’t end there. He also went on to speak on how he would kiss Alia. Reportedly, he didn’t tweet any of that and he says that was done by someone who hacked into his account. None of those tweets are there on his twitter account as he deleted them all fearing Bhatt camp’s wrath.

insecurity about parineeti chopra

alia bhatt  and parineeti chopra
Now every newbie in this industry would be insecure of Parineeti Chopra for she has got some serious acting chops. But Alia says it’s different in her case. She says Parineeti and she hang out and chill together many a times. She says they are good friends. She is quick to admit that when she watches Parineeti on screen, she becomes a huge fan of hers. All she thinks of Parineeti is that she is a fantastic actress! We think so too!

i am sick of being compared to kareena

alia bhatt and kareena kapoor
Even before she made her debut in Bollywood she was compared to Kareena Kapoor. Many say that she has the germs of Kareena Kapoor in her, even Karan Johar thinks so. But Alia screams saying she is sick of being compared to Kareena. She says Kareena belongs to a whole different league. There’s only one Kareena kapoor and no one can replace her. Well, we think it’s a good point well made Miss Bhatt!


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  1. anjali

    March 14, 2014 at 5:29 am

    Pranab mukherjee…PM of India…..u sure u r qualified to be journalist.

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