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Ragini MMS 2 director: Sunny Leone is very professional

While she is being harassed and taunted upon by people like KRK, Sunny Leone has someone who is supporting her and is admiring her because of her dedication to her work. Ragini MMS 2 director Bhushan Patel says Sunny Leone is the most professional actress he has ever worked with and is very hard working.

“Sunny is one of the most professional actors I have worked with. She has a code of conduct and she sticks to that. Her past should not be held against her credentials as an actor today. She is just like any other performer trying to make a living out of what she does,” said Patel.

He also added that she doesn’t make any demands. “She is the most relaxed and accommodative person I have ever met. Just because she can do certain things that doesn’t necessarily imply that she has to let herself be taken advantage of. Its’a matter of choice at the end of the day,” added the director.

“We tried to present Sunny Leone in a new avatar in which I think we are successful. The actress has acted very fine in the film and she will give a good answer to all those who used to say Sunny Leone can’t act,” Bhushan said.

He also talked about the girl-on-girl kissing scene in the film in which Sunny and co-actress Sandhya Mridul will be seen locking lips. “Both Sunny and Sandhya were very reluctant and scared to kiss each other but it was a need of the scene. We were able to convince the two actresses to do the scene after much motivational dialogues,” he said.

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