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Sonam Kapoor bikini in Bewakoofiyaan has a story

Sonam Kapoor’s bikini stint in her upcoming film Bewakoofiyaan became the talk of the town. And while all this while the actress maintained silence busy savoring on all the compliments, she has finally decided to share with us something very interesting about that cute two-piece garment too!

Now we all know, before entering Bollywood, Sonam Kapoor was a fat kid who weighed 90 kilos. The actress herself confessed to her weighty woes. Now that she is in good shape, the actress wants to flaunt her figure without any guilt.

In a recent interview, the Kapoor babe declared that it was entirely her idea. “It wasn’t the producer Aditya Chopra or the director Nupur Asthana’s idea that I wear a bikini. In fact, the director suggested a one piece bathing costume. But I thought a bikini was fine,” she said.

According to the actress, it’s naturally and absolutely fine for a girl to don a two piece.

“It’s not Halle Berry in a James Bond film or Bipasha Basu in Dhoom making a splash. The bikini blends naturally into the scene. I wasn’t really tensed about wearing a bikini…”

While we loved her bode side in the film’s trailer, we also think she is getting a lil desperate to flaunt her body. You think so? Also tell us if you liked Sonam Kapoor bikini stint in Bewakoofiyaan

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