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Shreyas Talpade rolls out a pleasant surprise for his wife!

Bollywood actor Shreyas Talpade recently gave a pleasant surprise for his wife Deepti, he gifted her a high-end luxury car, Mercedes E-class. A source said, “The unit was celebrating the wrap-up party of his home production, Poshter Boyz, when a brand new luxury car was driven in. We were all surprised, and so was Deepti, who headed the film’s costume department. She was speechless when she got to know that it was a gift for her.

Shreyas said, “Deepti is a clinical psychologist by profession. It was not an easy feat for her to grasp the technicality of production and facilitate the completion of the shoot in record time. This is not a husband pampering his wife, but a co-producer recognising the sincerity and honesty of his producer-partner. Besides the costumes, she also brought in a certain aesthetic value to the project. I am now busy with post-production and plan to release the film by July 4.} else {

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