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What are Gauri Khan and Sussanne trying to do in Dubai?

Now that Gauri Khan has successfully established her business and is done courting with the media, She is now reportedly getting ready for her date with Dubai!

Encouraged by the response she received for her lifestyle store, she is about to launch its overseas edition. It definitely helps her as this would be like her second home where she could put her feet to good rest after all the hard work she puts in.

Many P R experts have been sounded out and Dubai’s who’s-who have been asked to free up their dates as and when Mrs Khan arrives. She will have some company of course. We hear Susanne too is looking at a Dubai debut for her store.

Both these ladies will be hosted by socialite Rekha Tourani, who is also good friends with Dubai regulars – Queenie and Manish Malhotra – among others.

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