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SHOCKING! Drunk filmmaker forcefully tries to kiss his heroine in the lift

We have heard of actors who are willing to go to any extent for the filmmaker, just to grab a meaty role in his film. But casting couches happens behind doors. How often do you witness the same in the open?

Well, what came as a shock to us was, not so long ago, a certain filmmaker, popularly known for his temperamental woes, seemed to have been totally in awe of his heroine. He hugged her, kissed her but didn’t seemed to have gotten enough of her. The A-List actress too seemed to have enjoyed all the attention and affection. But things got out of control when the two were spotted getting out of the actress’s home and as they took the lift, the filmmaker who seemed sloshed, tried getting free and cozy with her. This time however, she seemed a tad bit uncomfortable as she was surrounded by neighbors. As they reached the lobby, he was literally all over her and that’s when she lost her cool and pushed him. They somehow managed to reach the car and he drove away, much to the actress’s relief.

However, she was clearly mighty embarrassed.

Meanwhile, the hot tempered director is a married man, whose marriage is currently shaky and might hit rock bottom anytime soon. The actress is presently shooting for the filmmaker and will be seen in his next.

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  1. sandik

    March 11, 2014 at 5:47 pm

    anurag kashyap and anushka sharma

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